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Cycle tourism: exciting bike itineraries

The territory which surrounds Milano Marittima and Cervia attracts large numbers of cycle tourists, since it gives them the possibility to go for exciting excursions across the lush local pinewood forest, the sea front and the city’s long cycle path.

During summer, cycle tourism in Milano Marittima attracts the lovers of sport and fitness, who are also interested in exploring unspoiled landscapes and the flourishing vegetation of the surrounding area.

Cycle tourism in Milano Marittima attracts large numbers of sportsmen and holidaymakers. Hotels in Milano Marittima give cycle tourists who flock to the Riviera Romagnola the possibility to take advantage of special offers and promotions, and also provide them useful information on the best paths and excursions.

This page displays some excursions cycle tourists will have the possibility to undertake while staying in Milano Marittima.

Pinewood Forest (8km) Viale Ravenna, which begins a short distance from Stadio dei Pini, leads to the local pinewood forest. Take the first path to the left and cross Via Stazzone; then take the path to the right and follow it up to the iron railway flyover. Turn right at the staircase and go straight on for 300 metres, then turn right again. Go straight on up to the wooden bridge and cross the pinewood forest for 2,5 further kilometres, up to Via N. Baldini; once you reach this point, cycle 300 metres back, take the first path to the left, and then take the first road to the right. Go straight on up to via Jelenia Gora, turn right and flank the banks of the channel for 300 metres. Turn left into Viale Ravenna.

Natural Park (2,2km) This path, which develops around the Natural park, connects Via G. di Vittorio with the local Spa Establishment; it can be covered easily both on foot and by bike, since it develops along a completely flat surface. It gives tourists the possibility to reach the local spa establishment in a very short time, or to visit Milano Marittima’s lush park.

Milano Marittima - Spas – Natural Park (2km) This path connects Via Vittorio Veneto in Milano Marittima with the city of Ravenna; it crosses Milano Marittima’s Pinewood Forest, and then leads to Cervia’s Spas and Natural Park. It is punctuated with proper lighting systems, comfortable picnic areas, well-equipped basketball courts and a fascinating path which develops amidst the ancient trees of the glorious pinewood forest of Milano Marittima and Cervia.