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Milano Marittima: fascinating city

Unlike most other resorts of the Riviera Romagnola, the young and dynamic city of Milano Marittima has a recent history which dates back to the first years of the twentieth century, when Cervia had 9.000 inhabitants and its economy was based on agriculture and traditional craft activities.

At the beginning of this century, the foundation of the first bathing establishment marked the development of the tourist sector, which was then prompted in 1907 by the powerful Maffei company from Milan, which was given the task of creating a larger seaside resort by eliminating the ancient wrecks which still existed across the surrounding area. After the completion of the works, the city started developing as a thriving tourist centre, and was called Milano Marittima to pay homage to the agreement stipulated between Cervia’s municipality and the city of Milan.

In 1927, after extensive renovation works had been carried out in Milano Marittima’s old town and the coastal area, the city was appointed Stazione di Cura, Soggiorno e Turismo; this was also possible thanks to the contribution given by the so-called Città Giardino (Garden-City) project, which included the building of new houses and villas amidst the lush local vegetation.

These vicissitudes contributed to make Milano Marittima one of the most appreciated seaside resorts in Italy. It is now able to attract both families with children, young people and groups of friends, who will have the opportunity to stay at elegant hotels, comfortable campsites and charming residences that are all situated a short distance from the sea.

Milano Marittima’s city centre gathers large numbers of young people, who are attracted by trendy discos and glamorous shops and boutiques; it is also one of the favourite destinations of important VIPs, celebrities and sportsmen, who during summer flock to its most popular clubs.