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Mirabilandia: the wonderland

Mirabilandia’s funfair is the traditional tourist mecca for those interested in spending funny holidays along the Riviera Romagnola.

Hotels provided with special agreements to enter Mirabilandia give guests the possibility to take advantage of free admission and transfer from and to the park, and to experience the utmost fun while enjoying the amazing attractions of the park!

Every year, Mirabilandia gathers hundreds of thousands of visitors, and gives both adults and children the possibility to enjoy thrilling emotions while taking part in amazing shows and events and experiencing exciting attractions. The park gathers thrilling attractions, such as Katun, I-Speed and the so-called Twin Towers, exciting water attractions, such as Rio Bravo and Niagara, and funny children’s attractions, such as the so-called Casa di Otto.

The park is also scattered with well-stocked refreshment booths and kiosks which sell ice-cream, fast foods, pizza and mouth-watering sweets.

During summer, Mirabilandia gives families with children the possibility to enjoy the utmost fun while attending spectacular shows and performances and experiencing exciting attractions. The special offer “Mirabilandia: free admission on the following day” gives guests the possibility to experience even more fun while staying at the comfortable hotels of the surrounding territory.

Mirabilandia is the most popular funfair of the Riviera Romagnola; every year, it arranges innovative proposals, such as new rides, shows, 3D projections and further attractions; Mirabilandia is the ideal holiday destination for those looking for the utmost fun.

Hotels for Mirabilandia

Hotel Olympic ***
Via Anello del Pino, 8 - angolo XVII Traversa
48015 Milano Marittima - Ra
Hotel Lydia ***
Via Venere, 25/A
48015 Cervia - Ra
Hotel Donatella ***+
Via Mezzanotte, 7
48015 Pinarella - Ra
Hotel Belvedere ****
Rotonda Don Minzoni, 1
48015 Milano Marittima - Ra
Hotel Santiago ***
Viale 2 Giugno, 42
48015 Milano Marittima - Ra
Park Hotel Pineta ***
Viale Italia, 360
48015 Cervia - Ra
Hotel Zenith ***
Via Valpadana, 6
48015 Pinarella - Ra
Hotel Suisse ***
Viale 2 giugno, 132 - IV traversa a mare
48015 Milano Marittima - Ra
Hotel Lungomare ***
Lungomare Gabriele D'annunzio, 26
48015 Cervia - Ra
Hotel Commodore ****
Lungomare G. Deledda, 126
48015 Cervia - Ra
Hotel Levante ***
Via Piemonte, 14
48015 Pinarella - Ra