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Spas: enjoy psychophysical wellbeing

Situated halfway between the sea and the lush local pinewood forest, spas in Milano Marittima are the ideal holiday destination for those interested in experiencing the utmost relax while undergoing targeted treatments and therapies which are aimed at keeping fit and increasing beauty and wellbeing.

Cervia’s spas have been the most appreciated establishments of the Riviera Romagnola for many years now, and still give guests the possibility to take advantage of targeted therapies and treatments which are carried out by skilled professionals.

The beneficial effects carried out by the spas of Milano Marittima and Cervia are due to the nearby salt pans, whose water and mud containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide have curative properties for the treatment of osteoarticular and otorhinolaryngological affections. They give patients the possibility to undergo targeted therapies and treatments, such as inhalations, mud baths and a remarkably wide array of massages.

Spas in Milano Marittima – Cervia also propose face and body cosmetic treatments which exploit the beneficial properties carried out by water and mud from the nearby salt pans. The local spa establishment also produces and sells excellent cosmetic products, which are based on thermal water and are manufactured by expert professionals.
Milano Marittima’s spas also attract the lovers of sport and wellbeing, since they propose targeted fitness programmes and paths, which are carried out in the nearby pinewood forest; guests will have the possibility to play sport while experiencing a closer touch with nature and enjoying a fascinating atmosphere of total tranquillity.

Cervia’s Spas are the ideal holiday destination for those interested in increasing their beauty and wellbeing. Situated a short distance from Milano Marittima’s major hotels, they are easily accessible from nearly everywhere along the Riviera Romagnola.
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Terme di Cervia
Via Forlanini, 16 Cervia
Tel. 0544 990111